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Re: File servers

We spread our files over a number of hosts.  In total, we have about 680K
LMFS blocks with about 80K free.  Our largest file servers have about 100K,
100K, 100K, 50K, 40K respectively.  There's about 30 machines total.

Have you ever considered what would happen if you lost one of your 8 eagles?
Would that bring the whole file system down?  I don't recall a way to back
up a single partition so you'd have to reload from many tapes.  It must take
a long time to do a complete backup!

(We have host-to-host incremental backups nightly.  Ie, all our hosts ship
newly created files over to one host.  It gets backed up to tape and the
next night the files on the original host get marked as backed up.  We back up
to a 6400BPI 300ips(?) tape drive.  Incrementals are on about 3 month cycle
with full dumps of each host done at the same interval (but staggered).)