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just lamentations...

Sigh. It's the old story again and again. I just wanted to edit the
handler for DW::HARDCOPY-MARKED-TEXT to prompt for a meaningful headline
instead of simply putting 1"Marked text from Dynamic Lisp Listener 1"0 -
and, guess what happened: the source for <foo> is not available.

It's nice to hardcopy a selection, it would be more useful for
documentation purposes, if I could make it to put e.g. 1"Contents of
SI:XR-CORRESPONDENCES"0 on top of the page instead this silly 1"Marked
text0 1from Blah"0 message. And would it be nice, if the printer would obey
the heading-character-style slot in the namespace using some other font
instead of this ugly large 1"Marked text0 1from Blah"0 thing at the top.

Just lamenting...

Oh, yes, while I'm at it: I would like to have a more hierarchically
structured output in dynamic windows and the option of selectively
clearing the output history. Not this all or nothing approach, which
hides the useful output below verbosity of other commands.

I'll sure have to write a letter to my service rep and add this to my
wish list...

Xmas isn't far, should we collect a wish list here?



P.S. Hope you had a nice SLUG conference out there in Seattle; I'll
surely will attend next year.