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Re: Print Spoolers in Genera 7.1

Hi.  Yes, they expect you to login.  Quite a pain if someone logs in and
then logs out later!  I have complained to CUSTOMER-REPORTS but I think
it was thought to be a feature.

Edit the method 1(printer-manager-top-level printer-manager)0 from
SYS:PRINT;PRINTER-MANAGER.LISP.52 and wrap the following around the body
  (let ((zl:user-id "Print-Spooler"))
	... ))

I suppose the right way for most people to do it would be:

(advise (flavor:method print::printer-manager-top-level print::printer-manager)
	"Auto Login"
	(let ((zl:user-id "Print-Spooler"))

(That is NOT the way we do it, we actually patch the code.  But then, we are
willing to go through the hassles of making sure the patches are carried over
properly between releases.)