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Screen Hardcopies

  Has anyone had problems making screen hardcopies from a non-print server
to a print server and getting the message:

   "Screen Hardcopy got an error.  Type Function-0-S"

And doing so found the debugger with the problem about the wrong character
style.  Even though it was just a screen hardcopy and not a file with an
attribute line.  One of the options for the debugger would be to:
    proceed without any special action.

This is very annoying to do for every screen dump made.  

Note:  As background, the screen dumps include some graphics on the screen as
well as the command that drew the graphics.  Also some of the dumps went back
into the scroll history and some errors that were not proceedable resulted from
those dumps.  Is there any problem with the output history as far as graphics
and text is concern?

I can be contacted at:


     (415) 694-6525  Sonie

Thank you