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Screen Hardcopies

This is an example of mail you should send to
"Customer-Reports@Symbolics.COM", perhaps in addition to sending it to

    Date:  21 July 1987 16:58 pdt
    From:  LAU%PLU at AMES-IO.ARPA

      Has anyone had problems making screen hardcopies from a non-print server
    to a print server and getting the message:

       "Screen Hardcopy got an error.  Type Function-0-S"

    And doing so found the debugger with the problem about the wrong character
    style.  Even though it was just a screen hardcopy and not a file with an
    attribute line.

It's hard to see how this could be happening.  The Screen Hardcopy
process doesn't interact with any of the semantics of what's on the
screen; it merely copies the bits as displayed onto the printer.

                     One of the options for the debugger would be to:

        proceed without any special action.

    This is very annoying to do for every screen dump made.

Does it happen for normal hardcopy, e.g., "Hardcopy File"?

    Note: As background, the screen dumps include some graphics on the
    screen as well as the command that drew the graphics.  Also some of
    the dumps went back into the scroll history and some errors that
    were not proceedable resulted from those dumps.  Is there any
    problem with the output history as far as graphics and text is

None of this has anything to do with this problem.

Another operation you can invoke at the debugger should be part of your
repertoire:  If you type control-M to the debugger prompt, you will
start a mail window which contains enough information for the maintainer
of a program to figure out what's wrong.  Of course, the default address
it comes up with is "Bug-LISPM@<Your-host-here>", which is usually not
what you want.  However, you can edit the address to say
"Customer-Reports@Symbolics.COM" or equivalent.