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Genera 7.0, Spelling of

I've just tried out the new spelling facilities of ZMACS. And guess what
has happened: I've got a message saying:

	"Genera" is unknown and possibly misspelled.

That's a real good spelling checker, isn't it? This would just be pure fun,
if it didn't complain about a lot of other things too. Examples are:
'ARPA', 'LISPM', 'CACM', 'LOGIN', 'primality', 'DEFUN', even 'painless'
isn't known. 

Does it know 'Symbolics'? Just try m-$ and see it yourself. BTW: it does
nag on all words surrounded by quotes, even if they are in the basic

And it doesn't know 'Jon Bentley', but it surely should and the designers
of this 'tool' should too - read through your back issues of CACM to find
a really good Programming Pearls column where the requirements for a good
spelling checker where discussed.

Oh, and it doesn't know automagically - I think it's a must for a speller
running on a lispm to know about the hacker's dictionary :-)

Greetings, (is spelled correctly as I'm told)