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Genera 7.0, Spelling of

    Date: Fri, 24 Jul 87 06:30 CDT
    From: David D. Loeffler <Loeffler@MCC.COM>

    My checker does not complain but then I have created specialized
    dictionaries that include all the common lisp functions, standard
    abbrevs and technology specific jargon.

Right.  The problem is that a word that is correct for one user is not
correct for another user.  I believe that there are many people who
would like for LISPM to be considered an error, people for whom it is no
more correct than LISPN or LISPP.  That's why Symbolics supplies a basic
English dictionary that is relatively free of jargon.

Perhaps SLUG users would consider contributing their own dictionaries to
the SLUG library.

    It works on "dictionary" but not on 'dictionary' or `dictionary' or
    ``dictionary''.  The last case is one I would like it to work on because
    my favorite text formatter needs words and phrases quoted this way.

Yes, this is indeed a problem.  The speller considers apostrophes to be
alphabetic, because it wants to be able to tell you that "car's" is OK
but "car'z" is not OK.  Unfortunately, this leads to the problem you
describe.  This definitely needs improvement.

    In addition to my special dictionaries I have several "namespace"
    dictionaries that know about the spelling for all the namespace
    registered users at the site and another dictionary for all the "other"

There's an installed command called Create Spell Dictionary From
Namespace that does something like what you describe.