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Spelling Checker extensions

    Date: Fri, 24 Jul 87 06:30 CDT
    From: "David D. Loeffler" <Loeffler%MCC.COM%unido@gmdzi>

			I would like the speller to catch me in the act
    too.  The code is all on line and I have been toying with the idea of
    making check whenever a whitespace character or punctuation character is
    typed (I would make it automatic for text buffers and optional for lisp
    buffers - but for lisp code it I would have it add new function names to
    one of the dictionaries as I go.)


you should work this out and put it into the SLUG library. I think an
auto-spell minor mode for Zmacs would be just a nice thing to have, once
the dictionaries are filled.

For lisp buffers, it would be nice to make it work as "Fill Long
Comments Mode" does, just activated inside comments, but quiet inside
code -- Hmm, it would be nice, to have it barf on unknown function
names, misspelled global vars and such things, offering completion over
the known environment (this would be a major job, I think).

But never incorporate any DWIM into it: once, while porting code from a
Lispm to a DandeLion, I've seen DWIM turning a (find-package ...) into
a (in-package ...) instead!