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completion over symbols

Juergen: Hmm, it would be nice, to have it [a spell checking minor mode] barf
         on unknown function names, misspelled global vars and such things,
         offering completion over the known environment (this would be a major
         job, I think).

Some folks at Schlumberger Palo Alto Research wrote a great package which
provides completion over symbols in selected packages in the editor and in
lisp listeners.  We use it here at MIT, and I've found it to be a big help
with long symbol names.  It also lists potential completions.  After I hacked
it to give the same information :Find Symbol does, I found it to be a speedier
substitute for that command when I could remember the first characters of a

Or at least I used to.  I switched to rel 7 recently and haven't yet updated
this package.  Has anyone at SPAR done this yet?  (I know at least KANEF reads
this list.)  If so, would you be willing to give it out?

- Mark Shirley