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Genera 7.0, Spelling of

Hello Dan,

My words may have been a little bit harsh.

But there's still a reason: it's disappointing, how limited this
spelling facility is. Too many words are missing (not lispm, I agree on
that being too specific for a basic dictionary). Among them are names of
well known people (Adam [while Eve is present, hmm :-], Ackerman,
Bentley, Shakespeare, Steele) as well as common/well known abbreviations
(1st, ACM, ARPA, CIA, SRI (while MIT is there), IBM, IEEE, Inc), as
well as capitals and large cities (Bonn, Geneva, London, Ottawa, Paris,
Vancouver) and finally a lot of other words like cleanup, coercible,
coffeepot, dutch, painless, roman, ... You must confess, there isn't
just the hacker's dictionary missing.

The speller doesn't do any affix analysis, as far as I can tell from a
quick view at the code. I regard this as a must for a modern spelling
checker - if I add 'house' to the database, I don't want to add houses
too, this should work via affix analysis. And if 'pain' is in, painless
might work too. E.g. "hacker" is in, but "hacker's" doesn't spell in the
current version.

I won't complain about american vs. british spelling (I'm german :-),
though I've learned the british way in school.

Thank you for listening.

Kind regards, jc