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Spelling Checker extensions

It would also be nice to be able to selectively disable loaded dictionaries
for the duration of a command, or in the context of a particular buffer.  That
way you can be writing a technical paper on warthog mating habits in one
buffer, a message about a LispM problem in another, a poem in a third, a
message to a science fiction fan in a fourth, and so on.  Then words like
"gafiate", "o'er", "fep", etc. can all be loaded into core at the same time,
but as you switch back and forth between the buffers, only the appropriate
dictionaries for each buffer would be used by the speller.  The attribute list
could specify:
-*- Enable-Dictionaries:  Hacker, Famous-People, Common-First-Names; Disable-Dictionaries: Abbreviations -*-

And jargon and official terms, if kept in separate dictionaries, would remain
separated, so a Symbolics documentation writer who's accidentally typed
"automagically" instead of "automatically" into an official document will be
told about it, even though s/he also has a jargon dictionary loaded for use
with informal messages.

Also, Spell Word should say which dictionary the word was found in, and
Spell Buffer and Spell Region should list all the dictionaries used after
they're finished.

Taking it a step further:  If there's an auto-speller available in ZMAIL, then
there could be a Disable-Dictionaries-On-Reply header -- "please don't let
this guy use technical jargon in replying to my message".   :-)


P.S.  I just ran the existing spelling checker over this message, and one of
the words it complained about is "who's".  But it did offer "whp's" as a
correction.  I'm not sure why, but I think it's because there's a user in the
namespace (who hasn't worked here for several years) named WHP4.