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Re: SUN vs Lisp machine hardware differences?

    Date: Thu, 30 Jul 87 19:21 PDT
    From: Bob Kanefsky <Kanef@SPAR-20.ARPA>

    > . . .                                 How ironic that the operating system
    > whose philosophy is "if you didn't know that that two letter command was going
    > to delete your files, you shouldn't be using the machine" comes from Berkeley,
    > . . .

Just a trivial correction here: the beloved system that gave us dangerous 2-letter
commands came not from Berkeley, but from Bell Labs ('way back in the days when
there were Real Programmers, and Real Computers had front panels).  Just as it is
said that war makes men out of boys, I suppose it could be said that UNIX makes
hackers out of lusers :-)  By the same token, it should be said that although UNIX
will put hair on your chest, the LispM lets you do hairy things without forcing
you to regress in the evolutionary chain.

-Bede McCall
 MIT LCS (bede@xx.lcs.mit.edu)