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Re: SUN vs Lisp machine hardware differences?

A major problem that I have had with separate address spaces and
"pipes" between them is error-time. This is when the house of
cards comes tumbling down. Do you know of ways to get around
this? I really think that this is when you need a single address
space for all your activities and why single address spaces are
superior for development time (even run time, so you, as a mere
mortal, can track the error and report it or fix it yourself,
then - tada RECOVER without getting vomited on by "BUSS error").

I think this discussion is good. Both having activities in
separate and in single address spaces have merits and drawbacks.
I don't think in fact that they are incompatible, and OSs and
hardware could do it both ways.

By the way, the cold load stream is not so "cold" anymore.

Albert Boulanger