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VT100 Emulator

    Date: Mon, 10 Aug 87 16:25:56 EDT
    From: markg@gatech.edu (Mark Graves)

    Yes, we are using one.  It can be anonymous ftp-ed from gatech.edu under
    /pub/telnet.lisp. Just compile and load it.  There is also /pub/termcap
    which can be included in your /etc/termcap to allow full screen
    editing, etc.  However, it only has 24 lines.  We are trying to get it 
    to work with the full lispm screen, and I will mail it to you when (if) 
    we get it working.

    mark graves

I just FTP'ed the file mentioned above to DREA and noted the following:

1)	The code is proprietary to Symbolics.  You are not entitled to
redistribute this stuff.  It may be submitted to the SLUG Library and Symbolics
must approve the submission.  Please note the following excerpt from the
;;;> ** (c) Copyright 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983 Symbolics, Inc.  All rights reserved.
;;;> ** Portions of font library Copyright (c) 1984 Bitstream, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
;;;>    The software, data, and information contained herein 
;;;> are proprietary to, and comprise valuable trade secrets
;;;> of, Symbolics, Inc.  They are given in confidence by 
;;;> Symbolics pursuant to a written license agreement, and 
;;;> may be used, copied, transmitted, and stored only in 
;;;> accordance with the terms of such license.

2)	I find it very annoying that author credits are removed, by
whatever means.  The file from Gatech contains:
;;; CHANGES =======================================================
;;; Gavin Hemphill put in the more complete terminal emulation code in June 1986
;;; Mike McDonnell converted this to be consistent with Genera 7.0 in January 1987
while the true code, which turns out to be the derivative started here
at DREA contains
;;; Gavin Hemphill put in better VT100 terminal emulation code for Release 6.1
;;; Peter Gergely put in the more complete VT100 terminal emulation code in June 1986
;;; Mike McDonnell converted this to be consistent with Genera 7.0 in January 1987

Having been in the business of writing free code for quite some time, it
annoys me severely to see the credits to deserving authors be totally
ignored.  I spent quite some time, getting the additional VT100 command
sequences, and the proper VT52, and VT100 emulations working in the
Telnet.  It would be appreciated if a little reminder of my efforts
could be left.  My highest commendations to Mike McDonnell for
converting it to Genera 7.0.  We just went to Genera here at DREA, so I
expect Gavin and I will be improving the code somewhat again.

	- Peter

Peter J. Gergely (DREA, P.O. Box 1012, Dartmouth, NS  B2Y 3Z7  Canada)
      ARPANET:  gergely@DREA-XX.ARPA (preferred)
or              Peter@DREA-GRIFFIN.ARPA
      DIALNET:  Peter@GRIFFIN.DREA.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM
      CSNET:    gergely%cs.dal.cdn@ubc.csnet
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