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Re: VT100 Emulator

Peter, Symbolics, SLUG:

My apologies; the file "telnet.lisp" has been removed from gatech.edu.

I received the file some time back following a request for a terminal 
emulator; I am a fault for not checking the header and realizing that it 
wasn't public domain.  I assumed it was, and told Mark that he could make 
it available via anon. FTP.  Once again, my apologies.

Since the code is Symbolics' property, they would probably be the appropriate
source for it; perhaps they can submit it to the SLUG library, if anyone is 
still interested in it.

As to Peter's comments about authors' names being omitted, the file was 
copied to the anonymous directory just as we got it; that, at least, was
not our fault.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Roy Turner