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Re: VT100 Emulator

    Date: Tue, 11 Aug 87 11:39:56 EDT
    From: royt@pravda.gatech.edu (Roy M Turner)

    Peter, Symbolics, SLUG:

    My apologies; the file "telnet.lisp" has been removed from gatech.edu.


    Since the code is Symbolics' property, they would probably be the appropriate
    source for it; perhaps they can submit it to the SLUG library, if anyone is 
    still interested in it.

I don't understand this.  TELNET.LISP is part of the standard Symbolics
distribution - it is the Terminal program that you get when you type
System T.

In fact, I don't understand the original query, since the standard
Symbolics Terminal program has done VT100 emulation since at least
Rel-6.  I admit that it is only a subset, and it is also pretty buggy,
but it works for most stuff.  However, the original question implied
that he didn't think there was any kind of VT100 emulator at all.