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RE: VT100 Emulator?

> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 87 21:48 EDT
> From: Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>
> In fact, I don't understand the original query, since the standard
> Symbolics Terminal program has done VT100 emulation since at least
> Rel-6.  I admit that it is only a subset, and it is also pretty buggy,
> but it works for most stuff.  However, the original question implied
> that he didn't think there was any kind of VT100 emulator at all.

Let me restate.  A couple of years ago I saw the Explorer's VT100
emulator being run from a small window within its window system.  Within
that window, you could communicate with whatever (i.e. VAX/VMS) just
as if your $50K Explorer were being reduced to a $1K VT100.

Now, perhaps I am missing something.  When I connect to my VAX (running VMS)
using the Terminal program, VMS immediately decides that I am an unknown
terminal type because the Symbolics has (apparently) failed to answer back
to a query for terminal type identification.  OK, so someone suggested to
me that I try :SET TERMINAL SIMULATOR TYPE VT100.  Same thing happens.
Being, at best, a part-time Lispm user, I plead ignorance to subtleties
about using NVTs.

In my initial message, I was hoping to find out about something that
would be similar to what the Explorer has (or had?).  Something that
operates in a 24row by 80column-looking window.  Albeit the Explorer's
keyboard is much more suitable for VT100 emulation than a Symbolics,
I am willing to live with it.  I was hoping to find public-domain software
so that I could muck with the emulator to change/create ANSI-type
key bindings to simulate arrow keys, etc.

(An aside: with compliments to Symbolics for their much improved keyboard
 that I now have with my 3620, what exactly IS the philosophy behind
 the extremely unique design of a Symbolics keyboard?)

dan haug