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RE: VT100 Emulator?

    Date: Wed 12 Aug 87 00:03:01-CDT
    From: CMP.LADAI@r20.utexas.edu

    Now, perhaps I am missing something.  When I connect to my VAX (running VMS)
    using the Terminal program, VMS immediately decides that I am an unknown
    terminal type because the Symbolics has (apparently) failed to answer back
    to a query for terminal type identification.  OK, so someone suggested to
    me that I try :SET TERMINAL SIMULATOR TYPE VT100.  Same thing happens.
    Being, at best, a part-time Lispm user, I plead ignorance to subtleties
    about using NVTs.

Symbolics implements a VT100 subset, and it doesn't happen to include
whatever operation VMS uses to detect the terminal type.  Most operating
systems allow you to manually inform the system what type of terminal
you are using, and I'm sure VMS allows this.  So, in addition to telling
the Terminal program which terminal it should emulate, you should also
tell VMS.