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RE: VT100 Emulator?

    Date: Wed 12 Aug 87 00:03:01-CDT

    (An aside: with compliments to Symbolics for their much improved keyboard
     that I now have with my 3620, what exactly IS the philosophy behind
     the extremely unique design of a Symbolics keyboard?)

    dan haug

Personally, I find the Symbolics keyboard undoubtably the best I've ever used,
in fact prefered the old one over the new one a little... The keys themselves
improved, but I liked the higher heavier case on the old one. (the new palm
rest seems a little short and the sharper angle cuts into my palm more) Having
control, meta, etc. keys actually treated like a SHIFT key (which they are)
for touch typists is one big plus: EMACS becomes easy. Most keys are
accessible without shifting the hands too far from the home row, and to get to
the real outside keys, e.g.  abort, function, etc. the keys are nice and
oversized, so you don't have to look, you can just thunk down in the general
spot and hit it.

The only complaint I can imagine is the position of the {} keys, which for TeX
are pretty inaccessible, vs. the pretty accessible and less useful : and
<backspace> keys... Maybe there's a way to move them? (are there hardware maps
for such things?)

Brad Miller
miller@cs.rochester.edu {...[allegra|seismo]!rochester!miller}
Brad Miller
University of Rochester Computer Science Department