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Re: SUN vs Lisp machine hardware differences?

    Date: Wed, 12 Aug 87 09:59:11 PDT
    From: larus%paris.Berkeley.EDU@berkeley.edu (James Larus)

    Everyone seems tired of the RISC/CISC debate, so let me change the
    subject a bit.  Several letters have alluded to your new chip.  I have
    not seen anything about it.  Could somebody in Symbolics describe the
    chip and the system that will be built about it?  In particular, I'm
    sure that most people would like to know the differences between it
    and the 3600 family and the performance that you expect from it.

Unfortunately, we don't work at a university, and we must respect the
company's position and not discuss processors and products which are
currently under development.  We are allowed to say whatever has been
officially released by the company, and no more.  But you presumably
have already read the trade press which contains the official press
release, so I'm not sure what more you want from us.