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accessing internet hosts from lisp machines


We have been trying to get our lisp machines to talk (i.e.,
file and telnet connections) to machines on the internet, 
with no luck.  Our site is not hooked directly to the 
ARPANet, but rather is connected to SURANet; to get to ARPA, 
we go through a gateway.  The local gateway machine, 
gatech-gw, is a Proteon (?), not a lisp machine, so the 
lisp machines must communicate with it via ip-tcp, and get
it to establish connections with the rest of the world--I think.

I have created a namespace object for gatech-gw and given it 
	gateway ip internet-gateway
	tcp-gateway ethernet tcp-gateway
	tcp-gateway chaos tcp-gateway
	tcp-gateway ip tcp-gateway
	tcp-gateway tcp tcp-gateway
As you can see by the last three entries, I was desperate by
this time.  Still no dice; telnet connection to eddie.mit.edu
or sri-nic.arpa gets "connection timed out" menu, saying that 
either the host isn't responding or a gateway could not find a 
path to the host.

What's the trick?  Should I put arpanet hosts on a separate 
network in the namespace (they are now defined as being on 
our local network, but when I tried putting them on another
network earlier, that didn't work either <sigh>)?  Should I
put the modem back in our lisp machine? :-)

Any help would be appreciated.  


PS:  I called software support, and they seemed not to 
understand the problem; I finally gave up and so am 
appealing to SLUG--this isn't a slam against software
support, though--usually they give quite good service.
Either I didn't make myself clear to them this time, or
else they'd not encountered our situation before.