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Re: more, more on workstation speed, I'm still not satisfied ....

    Date: 14 Aug 1987 13:38:59 EDT (Fri)
    From: Dan Hoey <hoey@nrl-aic.ARPA>

    Now if for each pair (A,B), if you take the source of compiler A,
    compile it on machine B, and take the binaries back to machine A

Come on, Dan, come back when you're sober.  The binaries you got from
B's compiler run on B's machine.  So you've got four compilers on each
machine (or maybe five, counting the one it was shipped with), each
with a different target, and you can get all the differential
comparisons you like between speed running these typical programs on
typical data, like each other.

    1. You can't get the source for compiler A,
    2. Even if you can, it won't compile on machine B,
    3. Even if it does, the binaries you get won't run on machine A,

Of course not, but they probably won't run on machine B either, and

4. Even if they did, the output of that program won't run on machine A,

5. But if it does, you can use it instead of the original compiler
   until the lawyers catch you, and 

6. The poor geek with the 400K line program is going to get tired of
   waiting for his turn at the keyboard, and rewrite his program in, uh,

Sorry for the confusion.

Dan Hoey