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graphics packages

    Date:    Tue, 18 Aug 87 22:59:06 PDT
    From:     MARSHALL%PLU@ames-io.ARPA

    Are there any graphics utilities available for the Symbolics for displaying 
    two dimensional line graphs, etc. ??? 

    Is there anything like Functionview (on Sun workstations) available?

I'm not familiar with Functionview but if what you're looking for is a
graph with objects interconnected with lines in a waterfall effect, look
at 1Graph0 1Formatting0 1Facilities0 in the Document Examiner. This
functionality was introduced with Genera 7.0 and further enhanced with
7.1. One bug that made it hard to use in 7.0 was that you had to specify
oval boxes instead of rectangular ones but I believe this is fixed in
7.1 BTW: you can make the graph nodes presentations and act on the graph
based on mouse driven input with a little programming. If what you're
looking for is standard business graphics like a PC someone else will
have to address those.

Jim Reith [reith@symbolics.com]

    Michael Marshall
    NASA Ames Research
    Please reply to:    marshall%pluto@ames-io.arpa