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talking to micros

    Date:  21 August 1987 17:53 pdt
    From:  Chunka Mui <C.AITCMUI at CHIP.UCHICAGO.EDU>

    This may be an unanswerable question but I'll try anyway.  I have an
    environment with Symbolics, Mac II's and PC's with SUNs on the way. Is
    there any way to set up a network that allows all of them to talk to
    each other.  By talk I mean node to node file transfer and sharing of
    resources like laserwriters.

You'll probably have to use NFS until the real thing comes along, e.g.,
ISO networking standards or equivalent.  I am pretty sure there's an
implementation of NFS available for Macs, but don't quote me.  The NFS
for Symbolics is available from ILA, One Kendall Square, Cambridge, Mass
02139.  Their phone number is 617-577-9500.

                                  What kind of hardware would I need on
    the micros?  3Com, Novell, any other options?

This I don't know anything about.

-- Richard

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