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mailer question

    Date:  24 August 1987 18:39 pdt
    From:  Junichi NAKAMURA <nakamura%nagao4.kuee.kyoto-u.junet%utokyo-relay.csnet at RELAY.CS.NET>

    We are connecting Symbolics and MicroVAX II (Ultrix) with IP-TCP.
    When someone sends a mail from Symbolics with SMTP,
    the header part of the mail is as follows:

    > From @lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet:Matsukawa@lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet Fri Aug 21 22:38:29 1987
    > Received: from lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet (ku-grade.ARPA) by nagao4.kuee.kyoto-u.junet (4.12/6.3Junet-BETA)
    >         id AA02608; Fri, 21 Aug 87 22:36:48+0900
    > Date: Fri, 21 Aug 87 22:36 JST
    > From: Tomoyoshi Matsukawa <Matsukawa@lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet>
    > Subject: PACKAGE
    > To: lm@nagao4.kuee.kyoto-u.junet
    > Message-Id: <870821223658.1.MATSUKAWA@lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet>
    > Status: RO

    My question is in the line:
    > Received: from lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet (ku-grade.ARPA) by nagao4.kuee...

    We are not connected to ARPA-net, but to 'junet.'
    However, Symbolics or MicroVAX II put
    in its network address part.
    (This Symbolics's host name is 'ku-grade' and its internet address is set
    to 'lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet.')

    Do you know which machine writes this and how to fix it?

The receiving host adds the line.  The two strings represent the name
the VAX thinks the host is supposed to have, and the name the host put
in the HELO command.  I don't know which is which.  The Lisp Machine
sends the string you get from

  (send net:*local-host* :mail-name)

in the HELO command.  It might be that ULTRIX puts .ARPA on if there is
no period in the name in the HELO command.  If your host says
"KU-GRADE.ARPA" when you type the above form to it, then you need to fix
the "Internet Domain Name" attribute of the local namespace.  Similarly,
if it says "KU-GRADE", do the same.  If it says
"lm1.kuee.kyoto-u.junet", you need to fix your ULTRIX host table.

Good luck.

-- Richard Lamson

  Mail: Lamson@MIT-Multics.ARPA, Lamson@Multics.MIT.EDU
  Snail: 166 Albion Street, San Francisco, Calif 94110