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networking over a serial line?

One of our 3640's has been moved a few miles away, but
we'd still like to "network" to it.

Dialnet came immediately to mind, but that would mean the
hassle of getting another phone line into our main facility.
We do have some incoming lines, but they all go to (and can't
be spared from) a Vax running 4.3bsd (which speaks Chaosnet
to the local 3640's).  Hmm, how about Kermit'ing to the Vax?
Kermit!  Well, just until we settle on something better.  Is
there a Kermit for Genera 7.1?  

If we're going to trouble of getting another phone line,
we'd rather just lease a line to the lone 3640 and run
something better than Dialnet over it.  Has anyone run
Chaosnet over a serial line between two 3640's?  The code may
even be in Genera 7.1, but I haven't found it; certainly
no documenation about it.  What about Tcp/Ip over a serial
line between two 3640's (or better yet between a 3640 and
a 4.3bsd Vax, since the latter is our network machine)?

Any other suggestions?


Ron Stanonik