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Gunther Hartmann
Technical University Darmstadt
Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
D-6100 Darmstadt/Germany


Subject: Symbolics 3640

Hi there,

We recently got a Symbolics 3640 System --- very fine machine --- but up
to now we have no printer attached to it. Symbolics carges  approx.
6000 $ for a 24-pin matrix-printer, 12000 $ for a LASER, including
software for bitmap-dumps, a price we cannot accept. So we are looking
for a driver running under Genera 7.1 capable of doing
bitmap-(screen)-dumps on an Epson-fx80 or whatever well-known graphics
printer (e.g. HP-Laserjet+).

Could you please forward this mail to your distribution list.
If you feel, that this mail might better be sent to another info-list,
please let me know.

Please respond directly to me, as I am not on the distribution list
of this digest.

Thks in advance.

Mit besten Gruessen/have a nice day
Gunther Hartmann