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kermit for 7.1

	From: stanonik@nprdc.arpa (Ron Stanonik)
	Date: 26 August 1987 1009-PDT (Wednesday)
	Subject: networking over a serial line?
	One of our 3640's has been moved a few miles away, but
	we'd still like to "network" to it.
	Dialnet came immediately to mind, but that would mean the
	hassle of getting another phone line into our main facility.
	We do have some incoming lines, but they all go to (and can't
	be spared from) a Vax running 4.3bsd (which speaks Chaosnet
	to the local 3640's).  Hmm, how about Kermit'ing to the Vax?
	Kermit!  Well, just until we settle on something better.  Is
	there a Kermit for Genera 7.1?  
Yes, we have almost finished a kermit implementation for Genera 7.1.
It is based on the kermit sources for R6.0 by LMI.
We largely modified the structure not only for the syntactic difference
but also for the performance improvement.
The most of the improvements are done by a nippon Symbolics person
according to my request to assist my problem
for our machine. If he or nippon Symbolics give us a complete permission
to distribute it, I can and want to distribute it to anyone.
Please wait and see.
Or, is there any attempt to make a kermit for Genera 7.1 in the world ?

	If we're going to trouble of getting another phone line,
	we'd rather just lease a line to the lone 3640 and run
	something better than Dialnet over it.  Has anyone run
	Chaosnet over a serial line between two 3640's?  The code may
	even be in Genera 7.1, but I haven't found it; certainly
	no documenation about it.  What about Tcp/Ip over a serial
	line between two 3640's (or better yet between a 3640 and
	a 4.3bsd Vax, since the latter is our network machine)?
The reason why I needed kermit for S3620 is,
though my university is connected to junet (and csnet) and I can make full 
communications to USA, my lovely (:-) S3620 is isolated to the net
due to the non-technical problem (aoyama domain host is located on 
the different campus from my campus. about 20 miles. And we have no
dedicated phone line between two machines yet,) and
a technical problem (For UN*X, there is SL, which is a serial link 
version of TCP/IP. We think we have better to consult the sources
of SL to make a serial link between my 3620 and VAX.
But we seem to have no time to spare to hack and no full-skill
to cope with such network software yet.)
Is there anyone  who have a serial link TCP/IP ?

	Ron Stanonik
Thank you,

Masayuki Ida
Aoyama Gakuin University