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Re: Wanted: New Mail Flag


we have the following code installed into our site system.  On login it
enables background checking for the address mentioned in your namespace
entry, which will be disabled when you log out.


(defun 1background-check-mail0 ()
  2"Enable background checking for new mail"
0  (unless (eq (send si:*user* :type) :daemon)    ;2; dont' check for e.g. LISPM
0    (let* ((mail-host (second (send si:*user* :mail-address)))
	   (mail-file (loop for mf in (zwei:possible-default-mail-file-pathnames
					(fs:user-homedir mail-host))
			    thereis (zwei:default-inbox-pathname mf))))
      (hacks:background-check-mail user-id mail-host mail-file t))))

;2;; enable background checking for new mail as default for any user:
0(add-initialization "Periodically probe for new mail"