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Unforwarding cells

There was an error in my previous message.  Change

  (sys:%p-store-cdr-type-and-pointer locative1 (sys:%p-cdr-code locative1)
				     sys:dtp-null 0)


  (sys:%p-store-cdr-type-and-pointer locative1 (sys:%p-cdr-code locative1)
				     sys:dtp-null locative1)

An unbound location that is not named by a symbol points to itself, not
to zero.  A location that is named by a symbol points to the symbol.
See LOCATION-MAKUNBOUND (which can't be used in Batali's application
because it preserves any forwarding of the location).

Sorry about the delay in sending out this correction, I forgot that the
TCP-IP implementation at R20.UTEXAS.EDU won't talk directly to Symbolics.