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talking to micros

    Date: Fri 21 Aug 87 19:53:03-CDT
    From: "Chunka Mui" <C.AITCMUI@chip.uchicago>

    This may be an unanswerable question but I'll try anyway.  I have an
    environment with Symbolics, Mac II's and PC's with SUNs on the way. Is
    there any way to set up a network that allows all of them to talk to
    each other.  By talk I mean node to node file transfer and sharing of
    resources like laserwriters.  What kind of hardware would I need on
    the micros?  3Com, Novell, any other options?

    If such an option doesn't exist, what's the best network hardware for
    the micros which will leave me the most flexibility.  Thanks.


the obvious is to let them all speak tcp at each other over an ethernet. the problems
are mostly a (possible) lack of transparency on the micro's, and the (much more
important) cost of ~$600-900+ cost per machine to add the ether interface to those
that don't have it embedded. It is possible to get a board for your pc's (and I think
vaxen) that let them participate on an appletalk network, I am even told it is rather
transparent. (tho the 31 device limit hits soon) this of course doesn't solve the
connect to the big stuff.

If you hear of other solutions, let me know as we have ste same problems here (with
vaxen and unix speaking pc's for good measure)