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Re: talking to micros

At GMD, we have a lot of Macs, Suns and Symbolix and too wanted to fully
integrate the Macs. We've just ordered a Kinetics fastpath to bring them
onto the ethernet. 

Fastpath is an AppleTalk to Ethernet gateway; you'll need MacIP (from
CMU) which you'll get for free from Kinetics. This will bring Telnet and
TFTP to your Mac. Also you might want to get EFS (External File System),
which allows UNIX to act as a general file server for the Mac.  You'll
get icons which work just like a floppy disks icon, but actually
represent arbitrary UNIX directories.

 From their catalog I can tell that they offer distributed file servers
and a lot of other interesting stuff to integrate Macs, Unix, VMS and
even IBM PCs on a net.  Standard disclaimer: I don't have any
connections to Kinetics, but have read a lot of good news about their
products on the Usenet.

Their address is: Kinetics, P.O. Box 3341, Walnut Creek, CA 94598,
phone:  (415) 947-0998