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More customizing command loops

Is it possible to make the function DW:DEFAULT-COMMAND-TOP-LEVEL accept
lisp forms, commands and accelerators?

I have noticed that the option :DISPATCH-MODE :COMMAND-PREFERRED to
DW:DEFAULT-COMMAND-TOP-LEVEL allows lisp forms and commands to be read
however accelerators appear not to work.  Omitting this option allows
accelerators to work but now commands require a colon and lisp forms are
not accepted.

Ideally I would like a listener-like pane which
1) accepted commands from a special command table,
2) allowed lisp forms to be evaluated for debugging purposes,
3) and had a collection of accelerators defined on super or hyper keys
for experienced users.
Is such functionality possible?

Also the documentation in DEX under DW:DEFAULT-COMMAND-TOP-LEVEL appears
confusing. It seems to suggest that :DISPATCH-MODE :ACCELERATED-COMMAND
is a valid option however this leads to a error as does

Any clarification on the above points would be greatly appreciated.

		- Frank