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use of SLUG mailing list

I am relatively new to SLUG (six months), so maybe I just don't
understand.  However, it looks to me like lots of people send mail to
SLUG when they obviously should be sending it to Symbolics Customer
Support (customer-reports@symbolics.com).  To compare two recent
examples, the query about people using Symbolics machines for computer
music seems quite appropriate for SLUG, but today's message asking for
clarification of the DW:DEFAULT-COMMAND-TOP-LEVEL should probably go to

At first I thought people were CC'ing SLUG so that the rest of us would
know that Symbolics has been notified of a particular bug, or to help us
watch out for a particular problem.  I suppose it is also possible that
some of them don't have service agreements, so they are asking the
collective SLUG wisdom instead.

I personally don't mind reading other sites' bug reports, but I suspect
that many of the SLUG readers would prefer not to see it, so perhaps
there should be two lists.  I am mostly concerned that people think they
are sending these messages to an appropriate place, but would be served
much better if they sent them to customer-reports.