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Re: use of SLUG mailing list

    Date: Thu, 3 Sep 87 19:06 EDT
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>
    Subject: use of SLUG mailing list

    At first I thought people were CC'ing SLUG so that the rest of us would
    know that Symbolics has been notified of a particular bug, or to help us
    watch out for a particular problem.  I suppose it is also possible that
    some of them don't have service agreements, so they are asking the
    collective SLUG wisdom instead.
As far as Frank Reashore's message is concerned, we wish we were so
lucky as to be able to send the mail to Symbolics.  Our site is in
Canada, and thus we are bound (at Symbolics USA's orders) to deal through
Symbolics Canada Software services (1 very hard working commendable
person) who are kept informed.  We have a FULL Hardware and Software

Our only wish is that anyone with more expertise than ourselves may have
already found a solution and get backs to us.  Frank's message was not a
bug report, but rather a query for aid.  We file all our bug reports
through the proper channels (and unfortunately don't get a sufficiently
prompt turnaround).

I wish Symbolics had Software Services organized similar to Digital,
where all technical matters went through one centralized location.  That
way, ALL of the great expertise could be shared with all.

    I personally don't mind reading other sites' bug reports, but I suspect
    that many of the SLUG readers would prefer not to see it, so perhaps
    there should be two lists.  I am mostly concerned that people think they
    are sending these messages to an appropriate place, but would be served
    much better if they sent them to customer-reports.
As far as two lists are concerned, that would be great, but just how far
could we go without encringing on Software Licenses.  I for one would
read both lists.  Personally, I don't object to the current format as I
don't mind reading bug reports.  At least that way, one might remember
seeing them, and be aware as to their existance, if the problem pops up
at your own site.

	- Peter