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use of SLUG mailing list

	There are a number of issues involved in what to send to SLUG.
One of which is, as you say to encourage discussion amongst the SLUG
members of points, features, shortcomings and desired extensions to the
code provided with Symbolics machines.  Often the starting point for
such discussions is a message about a perceived or real bug.
	Another issue is related to those sites that are not in the US
and thus don't have direct access to Symbolics Customer Support.  For
these sites (yes even those with software maintenance contracts) access
to competent technical support is extremely limited.  The usual
reporting route is through the local Symbolics distributors, who then
are supposed to get the technical support from Symbolics US.  Often the
communication via this route breaks down and responses have been known
to take months -- thus the appeals to the SLUG groups collective wisdom.
	I find that the discussions started by such technical questions
tend to lead to wider discussions which are of interest to more of the
SLUG members and may even provide ideas to Symbolics for future
improvements in the Genera Interface itself.