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Re: use of SLUG mailing list

    Date: Thu 3 Sep 87 22:36:10-PDT
    From: Mabry Tyson <TYSON@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM>

    (After all, people do pay for software support.)  I would be happy if
    Symbolics chose to use SLUG (or an electronic mailing list of their
    own) for electronically distributing warnings or bug fixes.  It does
    seem a while since the last customer bulletin we've received.

I concur... I'd *love* to be on the customer-reports mailing list myself
(perhaps a slightly moderated one) that would let me know the outstanding
bugs, workarounds, and fixes symbolics eventually comes up with. Perhaps this
could be a service for us "full service" customers??? The cost is certainly
low, (if they just added people to customer reports, the volume might be a tad
high, but personally I'd rather weed out some chaff than be underinformed ---
the same comment can go for appropriateness of postings to SLUG in general).

Brad Miller
miller@cs.rochester.edu {...[allegra|seismo]!rochester!miller}
Brad Miller
University of Rochester Computer Science Department