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1Re: use of SLUG mailing list0

    Date: Fri, 4 Sep 87 08:43 EDT
    From: Brad Miller <miller@DOUGHNUT.CS.ROCHESTER.EDU>

    [ . . . ]

	      1I'd *love* to be on the customer-reports mailing list myself
0    1(perhaps a slightly moderated one) that would let me know the outstanding
0    1bugs, workarounds, and fixes symbolics eventually comes up with. Perhaps this
0    1could be a service for us "full service" customers??? The cost is certainly
0    1low, (if they just added people to customer reports, the volume might be a tad
0    1high, but personally I'd rather weed out some chaff than be underinformed ---
0    1the same comment can go for appropriateness of postings to SLUG in general).

0Speaking as someone who used to be on Customer-Reports but is no more, I
would rather not be on it.  There is a good reason that the turn-around
time can be as much as a month:  the volume is 2high0!  It comes in so
fast that people who's job it is to monitor and answer the mail can't
keep track of whether or not they've seen a given report before even if
they were the person who answered it the first time around.  

I do agree with the suggestion that it would be nice to get lists of
known bugs in the bulletins.  In fact, such lists were starting to
appear in the bulletins just before some far-sighted person who cares
deeply about "keeping the customer first" layed off half the support
staff including the writer who was in charge of the bulletins and then
made life so unpleasant that most of the rest of the support staff quit.

Also, in my opinion, most of the reports that come in on
Customer-Reports are not very interesting.