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Old crufty namespace data

My machine is named blue-jaunte.  

Along time ago it was known as saturn.  When I joined Inference, over a
year ago, I changed the name to blue-jaunte, although I retained the
name saturn as a nickname.

Recently, I was given a new world to use (it had a newer version of ART
on it, and given my company, I kinda have to use it.)

I took this world, and tried to reload the mailer and dialnet onto it.

I followed the procedures outlined in the documentation which was the
procedure I had successfully used before.  However, this time I ran into
a terrible problem.

(dial:load-dialnet-registry) failed miserably with the message:

Attempt to link HOST DIAL|INFERENCE-BLUE-JAUNTE to the inference
namespace as INFERENCE|BLUE-JAUNTE which is already a nickname for
DIAL|INFERENCE-SATURN.  The link will not be made.

The dialnet registry contains the following:

(:host "INFERENCE-BLUE-JAUNTE" :address "XXXXXXXXXXX" :local-name "inference|blue-jaunte")
(:domain "Inference.DialNet.Symbolics.COM" :host "INFERENCE-BLUE-JAUNTE")

It used to (9 months ago?) contain:

(:host "INFERENCE-SATURN" :address "XXXXXXXXXXX" :local-name "inference|saturn")
(:domain "Inference.DialNet.Symbolics.COM" :host "INFERENCE-SATURN")

Evidently, the world I must use and the namespace server have some old,
crufty, data concerning inference-saturn in their namespaces.  This
seems to kill the dialnet-load process dead in its tracks.

Question:  How can I take this disgusting, senile, drooling and
           infirmed frob and stick it on a sled to leave on the icepack?

It doesn't seem as though the namespace editor is of any help, since
there isn't really a server for dialnet.

And how did I send this piece of mail? (An old world load)


Jerry Bakin.