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Re: Talking to Sun's

	Date: Mon 21 Sep 87 11:06:13-CDT
	From: Art Flatau <CS.FLATAU@r20.utexas.edu>
	Subject: Talking to Sun's
	To: slug@r20.utexas.edu

	We have a Sun 3/280 running Sun OS 3.4.  When we try to copy large files
	or many files at once from the lisp machine (using the CP command Copy
	File or M-x copy file) the lisp machine hangs after starting to copy
	in the state TCP In.  However when we try to copy files to another sun,
	a Sun 3/50 running Sun OS 3.2 things seem to work fine.  This behavior
	seems to occur from both Release 6.1 (IP-TCP version 29.13) and Genera 7.1
	(IP-TCP version 52.16).

	Does anybody know what the problem could be? and how to fix it?  This is
	really getting in the way of our work.

The problem is on the SUn end.  OS 3.4 has a bug in TCP/IP that causes it to 
hang when your initial sequence number (for the IP packet) has the MSB set.
Sun is aware of the problem and a fix is (I think) available (we are still
in the proces of getting ours).


	Thanks for any help,