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1Additional ZMAIL headers0

2  > From: J. Scott Penberthy <JSP@IBM.COM>
  > Does anyone know how to add a new type of header to outgoing
  > ZMAIL messages?  I've seen numerous headers such as "US-Address:"
  > and other such things that I'd like to include in my LISP mail.  But
  > when I try to manually type them in, I get the losing message
  > "The <foo>  header would not have been transmitted."

0(define-header-type :summarizes-messages-from "Summarizes-Messages-From" :address)

(deftemplate user-transmit-template
  (:type :transmit)
  (:header-from-draft :summarizes-messages-from)	;example of a field the user can type
  (:header-field "US-Mail"
   '("1234 Fifth Street, Anytown, CA 98765"))	;example of automatically added field