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Re: a bug relating to carry-tapes and a question relating copy file

	From: Christopher Garrigues <7thSon@SPAR-20.ARPA>
	I happen to agree that the carry tape subsystem is horrendous to use.
	I've been bitten several times by the lack of reasonable handling of
	:wild-inferiors.  I think someone should be assigned to work on the 
	tape system who has had to transport all the files in a directory 
	sub-tree from one site to another via tape.
I've made a lot of distribution tapes....and it is much harder to do it
on a Symbolics system then anywhere else.  I would prefer not to use SCT
because my system is designed to be portable and I need my own version
of defsystem.  But carry tapes are a real pain...so I'm forced to use
SCT just so I can make a tape.
At the risk of generating incredible flames, why doesn't Symbolics support
something portable like TAR format.  I don't think there is anything
really difficult about the format and I've seen versions of TAR for
everything from a 20 to IBM machines to VMS machines.....