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FTP probrem between Symbolics and SUN3

Dear SLUG Readers,

We have Symbolics 3620 and some SUN3s, which are connected via
ethernet. The trouble is that, after coping a file from Symbolics to a
SUN3, (yes, ftp finishes successfully on Symbolics side) the Unix side
connection of network is still ESTABLISHED and never disconnect (I saw
this from unix command netstat).

Futhermore, on SUN3, the process in.ftpd (which is invoked from inetd)
does not finishes. This causes serious problem of "process table full"
on SUN3.

Is this a known bug and does anyone have any fix , or is this a feature ?

We use Genera7.01G, ip-tcp version 52, and SUN3-140 running SUN-OS 3.3.

	Yasuaki Honda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)