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SLUG Existence

Members of SLUG:

A message recently appeared on this distribution list noting a problem
of having applied for membership with no reply. My apologies; I
assure you that this is being investigated and will be fixed ASAP.

The broadcast message is ironic just at this point in time, when many
activities are in continual preparation for all members of the
National Group. These include a Newsletter, Library tapes, and Dialnet
for all interested users. The National Group is committed to these
activities as they form a trinity of interaction each of which has an
important function. Many individuals are working consistently on them
and I have delayed giving any major announcements until the exact
timing becomes more clear. You will be hearing much more during

Thank you for your patience. Please do not hesitate to contact me with
any questions or comments.

Paul Pangaro
President, National Symbolics LISP Users' Group