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SLUG library status report.

I am the Mac Michaels the SLUG librarian.   I had hoped to receive many
submissions to the SLUG library but to date I have only those that were
given to me at SLUG87 in Seattle Washington.    Here is the current
status of the SLUG library:

There are currently 2 tapes in the SLUG library both of them are needed
to hold the TeX stuff.   One tape holds the code for TeX and the other
holds a large font library for LGP2 printers.  SLUG members may order
the TeX tapes by sending me $70.00 for the two tapes and a completed
library privileges application form.   The tapes are also available
individually for $35.00 each.   When ordering only one be sure to
specify either the TeX for SYMBOLICS Genera 7.1 or TeX fonts for LGP2
printers.  You must also be a member of SLUG to get the tapes.

SYMBOLICS Pascal runtime support code is required to use TeX.   I don't
have SYMBOLICS Pascal and have not tested TeX myself so I will not be
able to answer questions about it.

  I have 3 additional submissions and expect some more "real soon now".
These total less than 3 megabytes (a tape holds at least 19 megabytes).

I received a good quantity of hacks from SYMBOLICS.  There are versions
of some for both Release 6 and Genera 7.

William Seemuller with U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Lab submitted a
program to make viewgraphs.

Andrew Chalmick of the University of Pennsylvania submitted ROOMS and TAG.

	The ROOMS system saves screen configurations, it will save the
        relative size of each window in the room and the attributes of
        the windows in the room.
	To save a room, execute the command "Create Room". This will
        create a room object in your world and will prompt you for a directory
        in which to save the room on disc.  You can avoid saving the
        room by giving an argument of nil to the keyword "Save".
	There are three ways to later show the room. You can
	(1) execute the command "Show Room".
	(2) Hit the "Function Square" sequence. This will pop up a cute
	menu of all rooms already defined in the world.
	(3) Execute the function
		(show-room 'room-name [:path <room-directory>] )
	{You would typically include this in your login file}

	The tree-structures [TAG] system defines a set of objects which are very useful for
        displaying tag trees. They know about what empty nodes and reduction nodes should
        look like and each object has its own individual display information and method to
        draw the object.  These trees can be displayed to any stream.

	The tag system builds a user friendly interface to the tree-structures using the
        td:new-graph-from-root display algorithm.  The postscript system
        allows hardcopy of the trees, the mouse panning allows easier viewing.

I received a copy of the RTAPE for TCP from Barry Margolin at Thinking
Machines.  This is the Symbolics BSD Unix RTAPE server converted to run
over TCP/IP.  It supports industry-standard 9-track magnetic tapes at
densities of 800, 1600, and 6250 BPI.   It is a file of UNIX commands.

	Known bugs:  This server is only known to work on Ultrix 2.0; it
	contains conditionals for other machines, but they haven't been tested
	(some come from the original Symbolics Chaosnet version).  Due to an
	Ultrix tape driver limitation, whenever you open a tape, it will always
	report that it is not at the beginning of the tape.  When reading a
	tape, EOT is not reported properly, instead showing up as "Internal
	error 28" (this is ENOSPC).  Only two densities are supported on Ultrix:
	if the requested density is >1600, high density is requested, otherwise
	low density is used.

I have to get a library submission form from Barry before I can include
it on the SLUG library tape.

I would like to get another SLUG tape ready for distribution by the end
of October.   I was hoping to have much more to put on it but so far
only four people have submitted software.   If I get more submissions in
the next couple of weeks I'll try to get them on the tape.

If you need library submission or request forms please contact me via
E-mail for the quickest response.

  -- Wilson M. Michaels

  -- Wilson M. Michaels