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Tagged Architectures, a question

For the 3600, you might attempt to obtain "Symbolics Technical Summary",
put out by Symbolics. The one I have is dated October 1985, and details
how tagging works in the 3600 series machines, as well as other things.
It is possibly available from you local Symbolics sales rep if it is
still in print.

Also: "Architecture of the Symbolics 3600" by David Moon in 12th Annual
International Symposium on Computer Architecture Conference Proceedings
(Cat. No. 85CH2144-4) IEEE. 1985 Boston, MA 17-19 June 1985 pgs 76-83,
which discusses tagging of data also.

For the CADR see Chapter 16: "The Lisp Machine" by Greenblatt, Knight,
Holloway, Moon, Weinreb in the book "Interactive Programming
Environments," author Barstow (?) et al. Published by McGraw-hill 1984
pgs 326-352.

In the last reference from section 6 "A major reason for designing our own machine
instead of using a commercially available one was the opportunity to employ a tagged