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Re: Sym. Terminal Cables

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  Anyone know where I can get cables to connect Symbolics terminals to the
  CPUs at a less outrageous price than Symbolics charges?  Please address
  responses to kelly@ames-pluto.arpa.

  Jim Kelly

We're in the process of moving our consoles further away from the
processors and also had to address this question.  What we're doing is
getting connection boxes from symbolics which allow you to use regular
coax cable.  So the configuration you have per machine would be
something like:

cabinet ====>box ------------>box ===> console

where the ===> stands for Symbolics console cable and ---> stands for
coax.  This saves a bit of money because you don't need console cable
for the whole length. You do need two short console cables and two
boxes per machine though.

Symbolics assures us that this will work fine.  I'm a little weary so
if anyone has had experiences with this I'd appreciate your input.  We
tried to go directly to the cable manufacturer for the cable but
Symbolics couldn't (or wouldn't) give us the cable specs and the
manufacturer had never heard of a Symbolics machine.

Good luck and I'd appreciate it if you could summarize the replys that
you get directly back to the list.