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So how *DO* I use distribution tapes instead of carry tapes?

The following are some excerpts of some recent responses to my cry for help:

             There is no easy way to do this with either carry tapes,
             distribution tapes, 
         It's relatively easy with distribution tapes.  You do it every time you
         load one of our distributions, since the directory names you put it
         under are different than the ones we wrote it from.  You just have
         to use logical pathnames.  Distribution tapes are usually the best
         and recommended solution to this kind of situation
     Okay, Bob, I'll bite.  What kind of situation *are* carry tapes
     recommended for?  What he was doing was "carrying" a random collection
     of files from PARC to MIT.  He wasn't "distributing" a system.
     I've made a lot of distribution tapes....and it is much harder to do it
     on a Symbolics system then anywhere else.  I would prefer not to use SCT
     because my system is designed to be portable and I need my own version
     of defsystem.  But carry tapes are a real pain...so I'm forced to use
     SCT just so I can make a tape.

O.K. now you have all stumped me. I give up. So tell me how *DO* I write a
system distribution tape containing all of my files. I want *ALL* of my files
in *ALL* subdirectories with *ALL* versions. Not just binaries and sources.
I also don't want to have to redifine either the logical pathname translations
or the defsystem every time I make a new file or subdirectory.
I incanted the following which failed:

(fs:set-logical-pathname-host "qobi"
        :physical-host "Zermatt"
        :translations '(("qobi:**;" ">Qobi>**>")))

(defsystem qobi
        (:default-pathname "qobi:**;")
        (:serial "*.*.*"))

:Distribute Systems qobi 1

as well as several other variations.
HELP! All I want to do is to move files from place to place and to take
some redundant backups from time to time. Why is this so painfull?