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Using directory mail files

I recently converted my mail log file to a directory file in hopes of
reducing the time required to save my mail files (it seems to work).  I
discovered that the directory mail files have a few minor bugs, and one
major one.  The minor bugs can be fixed with the patch:

(advise1 msg-buffer-save-msg-text0 :around 'fix-interval-stream-bug nil
  (when (listp (third arglist))
    (setf (third arglist) (second (third arglist))))

(advise1 save-mail-file0 :around 'fix-too-many-arguments-bug nil
  (condition-case (err)
     (send zl:terminal-io :clear-input)
     (send zl:terminal-io :force-kbd-input #\Y)
     (send err :proceed :fewer-arguments)))))

The major bug, however, was recently mentioned by another member on this
SLUG list.  Every so often I, too, get disk ECC errors while trying to
read one of the mail log entries.  These errors are "irrecoverable," in
the sense that the individual mail message files become permanently
damaged.  Does anyone know how to circumvent this problem (besides
having to use a different log mail format)?