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Re: So how *DO* I use distribution tapes instead of carry tapes?

    Doing what you want would be hard enough with SCT, harder without.  My
    suggestion is that you punt using defsystem altogether and use 
    a pseudo-system (In 6.1, the incantation was "(dis:defpseudo-system ...)")

I thought of that.  The problem is that dis:defpseudo-system disappeared with
Genera 7.0 and 7.1 and we don't run 6.1 arround here anymore.

    I've carried systems from one site to another and it's hard enough to
    get right even if you do use defsystem.  Another instance of why the
    company that sells the best programming environment in the world is
    going down the drain.  (sigh)

Especially when they remove functionality from release to release.